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Sam Foulkes

Our 7 year old Sam is now 5 months into the Easyread programme. When I was looking for a programme to help him I was impressed with how accurately the description of optilexia given by Easyread fitted him, and the no-nonsense description of a plan which does not claim to give instant success but rather a continous programme of support tailored to the learners' needs. He has gone from being over a year behind his peers, and hating getting his reading books out at home, to being in the top half of his class and asking us to buy more books. When we started one of the biggest problems was that Sam would not tolerate being asked to go back and read a word again, he was always guessing without trying to read the word at all and would get annoyed when he was picked up on it. Easyread gave us the means to make him get the sounds right, especially when he was reading with only the sounds, as there was no way for him to cheat. The system has also allowed us to gradually improve his pronunciation to the point that now we can tell him when he has got a word wrong and he accepts this, reads it properly and moves on. In the early stages the "1 hour lockout" which stops a child going back to a lesson too quickly was invaluable. (It meant we could blame "The computer" for not letting us start again rather than it being us stopping him!) This gave him the time to calm down if he'd been making too many mistakes. After the first few weeks this stopped being a problem and we haven't looked back. Finally we can relax about Sam's reading as Easyread has worked at exactly the right time in his development to stop his reluctance to learn becoming a problem with other subjects at school.

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