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Little Miss Feisty becomes a free reader...

Izzy always loved being read to. Mum Sheryl remembers that when she turned 2 she was able to recite all her favourite books word-for-word. It seemed impossible that her daughter would be anything but a high flying reader once school began.

However when Izzy began full-time education at age 4 it was like she just wasn't ready to board the train yet. The school day was more tiring for her than any of the other children and all she wanted was to be back at nursery playing with her dolls. Being a naturally care-free and bubbly child, she ploughed on with little complaint. For a while it worked; she seemed to be making good progress and was one of the most popular children in her class.

Within the space of 1 year the situation could not have been more different. Suddenly a reluctance to read raised its ugly head and permeated everything Izzy felt and did during her school day.

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