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Easyread helped Ben's intelligence shine...

Our son Ben turned 7 in November 2011. We had been concerned about his lack of progress in reading for some time. After several requests, over a six month period, we managed to arrange a meeting with the school. With no hesitation they agreed that Ben was experiencing difficulties in his reading. However, the child they described was not the one we knew.

They said he had little imagination and was unable to express himself verbally.

At home he is known for his long, detailed stories and impressive vocabulary. They said his difficulties would affect all areas of his school work and seemed to be looking only at damage limitation. As far as they were concerned, this was a problem which was not going to go away. It was one we would need to help him to live with. We felt they were writing him off too soon. The one thing we all agreed on was that Ben did not realise he had a problem and his confidence was still high. The school's plan for the future was to leave things for 3 months, focus more on his reading and writing, and to further assess Ben during that time.

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