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After 7 years of frustration, the 'Ants' allowed teen Callum to fly...

Kevin and Elaine knew that their son had problems with reading and spelling from day one. This niggling feeling was followed by mounting evidence at school and at home. After a long wait and a hard fight, his parents finally convinced the local education authority to assess Callum, at which time their suspicions were confirmed.

By now Callum was 8 years old. He had been diagnosed as dyslexic and his reading was 3 years behind his peers. It was Kevin and Elaine's hope that following the battle that had built up to the diagnosis, this would be the first step towards expertly and swiftly ending their son's struggles. As it turned out this could not have been further from the truth.

When inaction from the school continued Elaine set out to discover for herself the options that were available. A few months later Callum started the Dore programme. It seemed to have quite an impact at first, especially on his balance. But after the initial boost it became clear that the improvements weren't permanent and the guessing habit quickly re-emerged.

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