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byBabs, February 24, 2013
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We are doing a number of "helps" for our 13-yr old struggling learner with neurofeedback being just one. The jury is still out on this one as far as we're concerned as we're only half way through the recommended program. I would have to say it appears dd is sleeping better (actually staying asleep through the night) and she also seems calmer and more at peace in general since beginning the therapy. It is fascinating to watch how she can manipulate something simply by altering her brainwave frequencies. I am also encouraged by the results I have heard about from others. Just GOOGLE "neurofeedback", there's no shortage of info. out there. We are working with a Physical Therapist for this in the Indianapolis, IN area. She is also doing cranio-sacral therapy at our visits for compressions on left side of skull which appears to play a role in dd's academic struggles. Hope to see more chatting about alternative therapies on this site!
byBabs, February 22, 2013
For my 13-yr old daughter, the Spellmagic program has fulfilled all my expectations and then some. Being a lay-person, but having researched several other spelling/reading programs as well as having tried a few of those, I would say the authors and creators behind EasyRead and Spellmagic have certainly "done their homework". They make no promises of instant fixes, in fact they clearly state the process will be lengthy. We have been working the Spellmagic program for approximately six months and it is the one thing we do in our week day routine that we both still look forward to. For my "struggling learner" that's rare. The lessons are short, 15-20 minutes, and the stories engaging for even my 13-yr old. In the early stages of the program, she was regularly rewarded with little prizes in the mail! And I mean fun little gadgets! And if the prizes weren't enough, there are daily computer games she can play at the end of each session. However, without a doubt the most important feature of Spellmagic to me is their customer service. Before our decision to purchase the program, I spoke a few times to the staff in the UK. Every person I spoke with was knowledgeable, courteous, patient (listened well to ALL my questions - multiple times), and professional. Replies to questions via email have consistently been quickly returned - even quicker since they expanded their offices to the US and set up a shop in CA. Their passion for helping children learn to read is obvious. Their passion for helping parents learn to help their children is also equally obvious. My daughter may look forward to the short lessons, but I look forward to the amazing, on-going, helpful information they link to on the EasyRead website regularly. I'm excited to find what this new website/blog will open up to! So you may wonder, has my daughter's reading/spelling progressed in six months? Undoubtedly, yes! At about the 4-month mark she began spelling phonetically. Up until that time, vowels weren't important to her! For us, this is huge! For a child with CAPD and severe eye-tracking issues - the EasyRead system has been the answer. I feel they have covered every aspect in composing a program that meets most every need for a struggling reader/speller using the scientific evidence out there. Add to this a personal touch from the staff making for an excellent tool in our box of tools needed to help our struggling daughter become a confident reader. I don't know that any of the tiniest detail was missed... every i dotted, every t crossed!

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