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Wish we'd heard about Spellmagic sooner....
From a very early age it was clear to my husband and myself that our (now 7 and a half year old) daughter was going to struggle with spelling. Although she gradually progressed with her reading, her spelling was like that of a different child. Articulate, creative and confident orally, she could not write the simplest of words...even with only 2 letters! We tried many different strategies with her as her confidence began to diminish...flashcards, memory games, even taking her to a private teacher specialising in helping dyslexic children. Incredibly, nothing had any lasting impact. Words she worked so hard to memorise one day when have 'gone' the next and this whole process left her (and us)more disheartened than ever. Her school were lovely with her, insisting she was above average intelligence but said that sadly there was no funding available in our LEA to give her any specialist help. I spent weeks researching all sorts of possibilities, purchased CD roms which had great ratings but turned out to be yet another creative way of helping children to memorise words...and she COULDN'T. I have to admit, we first discounted easyread because it sounded expensive, but we do really regret that now. From the day we signed up, we have never looked back..and now have enrolled our younger son as well! It really does deal with the root cause of the problem in a way that no other programme I have come accross does. It is professionally run with first class support from staff...I'm talking about 30 minute telephone consultations on a regular basis. There is no promise of a quick fix and even though we are 5 months into the programme, it is still early days. Her reading speed and confidence are sky high and we are seeing some improvements in spelling the shorter words independently but real differences in her spelling are not due for a few months yet. We are so excited to see where she is in 6 months time. Spellmagic has taken the pressure off her and the worry off us. We only wish we'd heard about it sooner.

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