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Easyread System

Easyread is an online phonics course specially designed to help children with dyslexia, auditory processing disorder and highly visual learning styles. It targets the root cause of reading difficulty (which may include sight-reading, visual issues, short-term memory deficit, or stress) in order to help a struggling reader. Easyread fixes chronic guessing, word flipping and more through 15 minute daily lessons with stories and games. The course fully supported with one-on-one coaching for parent and child, and also comes with an unconditional refund guarantee.
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My son, who is seven years old had been struggling with reading since preschool. Now in 2nd grade it was even more evident that we had to find something that worked. We had tried different internet programs and after school tutoring to no avail. I came across easyread while searching for yet another idea to help my son and seemed to describe my son exactly. My son would start to cry just at the mention of reading something, he was so frustrated he would even get angry and yell if you asked him just what one word was. After the free trial of just one lesson my son smiled at me and said I want to do another lesson, this is fun!
The program states it will take time but within 4 weeks my son no longer cried when we asked him to read. His teacher said during quiet time he would even pull out a book to read! Major improvement. My son is no longer frustrated and is no reading chapter books. I can't say enough about this program. It is wonderful and if you ever have a question they are always quick to respond to emails or just a phone call away with wonderful advice.

Easyread - the answer to our daughters struggle with reading
Our daughter (Year 2) was really not progressing in reading and was 15 months behind in her reading age. She was not only struggling but becoming more aware of the struggle and was very reluctant to read at all. Easyread has changed all that. She is now on a very steep curve upwards in her reading ability and has so much more confidence in herself. She often picks up books and reads them now and although we still have a lot of the course to go (currently on lesson 78) we are very happy with her progress so far. She loves the characters and the games and has stopped the habit she had of guessing. It is quite funny when she reads a page with only the characters much faster than me and I have to ask her to slow down so that I can check she is correct. We also love the support we get and know that any queries will be answered within 24 hours and we can phone up to have a chat about any issues our daughter has and the easyread staff are always very helpful. All i can say is a big Thank you and I am so glad we found Easyread.

Slow but steady
My daughter couldn't master reading even after using two programs. I was told about easyread, but reluctant because of the cost. However, after reading through their money- back guarantee I decided to try it. Although my daughter has not yet mastered reading, this program has given her the bite-sized lessons she needed to grow in confidence. Day by day she is progressing and not being discouraged. The team has identified some specific problems and given us the specific tools to correct those problems. It is an excellent program with superb support and encouragement for struggling families.


Easy Read is the solution we were looking for
My 7 year old daughter had been struggling with reading since Kindergarten. She would guess words and when I would ask her to read to me she would refuse to and get very angry about it. I always figured she would just learn to read on her own and let her be. However When she started 2nd grade it became more apparent that she was falling way behind (she has a twin brother and therefore I could see how far ahead he was though I always tried not to compare them). In a desperate attempt one night when my daughter began to show signs of frustration and feeling "stupid", I came across the Easy Read system online. I decided that even though it was pricey that it was worth a try after everything I read and saw on the website. I can honestly say that we are now in our sixth month of doing the lessons on a regular lesson and I have noticed a significant improvement. The guessing has diminished almost completely and little by little we are working on getting her confidence up. She is still not at grade level but at least I see that she is well on her way to great progress.
I would recommend the Easy Read System to any parent who's child is struggling with reading. You will not regret it!

learning to read has become fun and achieveable
My son is currently making steady progress learning to read with this system and it has provided an enjoyable special time every day in which he learns and makes progress without pressure. I feel really confident now that he will learn to read and this has eliminated my worries about him falling behind, lacking confidence, feeling 'stupid' and missing out on the pure joy of a good read. The support is excellent and the system is really well put together with plenty of personal touches. I would really recommend it if you have concerns about your child's progress.

Very good programme
This programme has really helped my son. He was six years old and very behind in literacy, so much so that his teachers were very concerned. In desperation I signed up to the online course and I have been amazed with the results. Not only that, he actually enjoyed sitting down and doing the exercises and games. Before long, he started to beat the programme itself, storming ahead past the level given. The staff have been very helpful as well at Easyread, ready to answer questions and help whenever I needed it.

My grandson used this system and he started to read after all other efforts had failed. He is now reading almost to his age level in two languages.

My daughter is in grade 3 and has struggled with reading her entire schooling career. As a teacher this made me feel like the most terrible mother in the world. After an educational assessment we found she had a learning disability. I tried every strategy I knew as a teacher, and things just weren't clicking. I was on the internet one night and found information for the Easyread-System. At this point I felt we had nothing to lose. I was right! In terms of reading level, she is the closest she has ever been to grade level and her peers. She has confidence and loves to read.

Easy read system - worth a try
My daughter was struggling to read and just didn't seem to get the whole phonics approach and instead tended to guess at words. Nine months on with Easyread and her phonics knoweldege is great and her reading is coming along nicely.

Easyread changed our lives!!!
As a Mom ready to pull my hair out with a little girl aged 8 so eager to learn to read but so frustrated that reading became a complete nightmare and a constant fight every day trying to do homework. I went in search of a solution or tool to help me understand why this was happening and came across Easyread. I watch the intro video and was convinced David was referring to Donae as he spoke. Well within a few days Donae wanted to read and would actually get her homework done just to be able to do easyread or "David" as she called it. We have not looked back and still enjoy our daily Easyread session. We have a reading agent it training and her reading and self confidence has improved dramatically. She now reads with confidence and enjoys it! Her younger brother Ethan has also just started his reading agent training and also loves the reading and games. I too have been most impressed by the constant hands on support of the Easyread team. Being in South Africa I assumed it would be difficult to communicate but have not once had a problem. Thanks to the whole Easyread team for changing my and my childrens lives.

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