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Barton Reading and Spelling

by lisalaursen, March 27, 2013
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I love the Barton Reading and Spelling program. I am helping five children with it, three are mine and two are the neighbor children. Four of them are in level six. My children are reading so much better than they ever have. We have been in Barton for about a year now, my oldest said he feels like he has a chance to go to college now. Levels one and two might seem so basic, that you might think you do not need it but I found that I had to take my two oldest through book two twice because they could not hear the sounds. I was so surprised because one was 5th grade and the other was in 3rd. My neighbor boy brought his reading up 30 wpm in six months and his comprehension incredibly better. His mom almost started crying when she told me, she called me on her way home from parent teacher. I did not know I was dyslexic until I started to study this program is helping me so much. I would skip over hard words my self now I am breaking the words into sylables and sounding them out, it so exciting. I am doing so much better in my spelling it is like a light bulb has come on. Thank you Barton from all of us

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