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Barton Reading and Spelling

by Rebecca Beckey, March 27, 2013
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I tutor two of my grandchildren using only this wonderful program. I also volunteer in a reading lab at a local elementary school and tutor students one on one with only this program. I have seen steady growth and a wonderful change in attitude from being doubtful and fearful of failing to being confident and happy to read! To be successful in this program as well in any endeavor in school and life, a person must stick with it. Trying it for only two levels is not enough time to see improvement. For example, I have taken my 9 year old dyslexic grandson from Level 1 to half-way through Level 6 in a year. tutoring 2X a week, an hour each time. He improved greatly at school, going from below basic in word attack skills to advanced (on the state test). There is great support for parents/grandparents in the form of free games and supplemental activities. These activities add a lot of fun to the regular lessons, which by the way are very easy to follow, and very effective when done correctly and consistently! This well-researched, sequential program fills in the gaps left by most schools' phonics program and gives struggling readers and spellers their long-awaited chance for success!!

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