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Maths Whizz

Parents have recommended this maths site to us. They aim to make the maths very graphical and fun.
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Good for Visual learners
Good bite size chunk lessons with visual graphics and my 5 year old daughter loves the pets and plants she is allowed to 'buy' with her maths earnings. We have got into the habit of doing 10 minutes easyread and 10 minutes maths whizz and I feel its really giving her the support she needs without being a burden.

Maths Whizz review
Very good for visual learners. Bite size chunks of lessons so child not overwhelmed. Good motivators....credits to buy virtual stuff in store and competition and challenges with friends. Also a comprehensive reporting system so you can monitor child's progress as well as checking on maths age.

Maths whizz
I found Maths Whizz helped my maths, it made me work quicker. I liked the games and also that you could get credit to buy virtual pets like a hamster.
Poppy aged 8

This definitely helped Poppy improve her Maths skills, it was repetitive but this is what she needed to reinforce concepts. I liked the section where parents can see the progress the children make/

maths whizz review
From reviewing this website and using the free trail I would definately consider using this program with my son. Ihave being searching for maths web sites on line and this one one seems good.

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