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Accommodations Manual 2012-2013 - How to Select, Administer, and Evaluate Accommodations for Oregon's Statewide Assessment

Oregon’s Accommodations Panel refers to the term “accommodation” as a distinctly specific term relative to the Oregon State Assessment System (OSAS). The panel defines accommodations as “practices and procedures in presentation, response, setting, and timing or scheduling that, when used in an assessment, provide equitable access to all students. Accommodations do not compromise the learning expectations, construct, grade-level standard, and/or measured outcome of the assessment.” Accommodations are intended to reduce or even eliminate the effects of a student’s learning challenges during instruction and on the results of assessments. Implemented appropriately, accommodations should not reduce learning expectations, nor should they give a student an unfair advantage over his or her classmates. Use of accommodations during administration of an Oregon Statewide Assessment is based on individual student needs and should not impact the validity of the assessment results.
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