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Dr. Erica Warren

Dr. Warren always aspired to empower the spirit of those who struggle with learning.  So after finishing a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, Dr. Warren completed a masters degree in Educational Psychology and then tailored a special doctoral degree program that united course-work and research in Special Education,SchoolPsychology, and Adult Education. In 1999, Dr. Warren opened Learning to Learn in Ossining, NY. What began as a practice to help students maximize their academic potential and find enjoyment in the learning process, blossomed into a location where students, parents, teachers and schools receive educational advice, materials, and training. Her website, www.learningtolearn.biz offers an ever-growing wealth of information, links, materials and support.  At the heart, Dr. Warren is a personal trainer for the brain.  She has no program, but instead creates an individualized plan for each of her clients.  Initally, goals and preferences are defined and then multisensory and game-like materials are used to engage even the most discouraged learners.  Learning to Learn now offers: One to one educational support and remediation, training and workshops, multisensory and mindful educational materials, cognitive remedial therapy, school and family consultations, learning profiles and observations, software and technology advice and student advocacy.
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