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This community provides an opportunity to ask questions and share experience on helping children with reading and spelling difficulties.

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Sensory Integration therapies BEFORE Vision Therapy

I'm back after several weeks break with a new question. My 14-yr old daughter began VT last week. I had just a few days earlier caught wind of a therapy that re-integrates all the primitive reflexes that should be absent after the first year or so of life, but with some kiddos, these reflexes remain dominant. I assume you're familiar with Sensory Integration as a "diagnosis". It also uses a therapy called rythmic movement. The studies that I've read indicate that doing these modaltiies preferably before VT (but it's never too late to start) would shorten the length of time/sessions a child would have to do VT. Obviously this isn't true for every child needing VT, but since my daugther seems to exhibit so many of the problems associated with the primitive reflexes NOT being fully integrated, does it make sense to you (if you are aware of these therapies) that it would be best to do them first and/or right along side of VT?

Also, if every child is different, how can a doctor (optometrist) say that child X will need 30 visits? One office I spoke with said the average length of time they take to "fix" vision problems is 10.

Anyway, can I mention the name of the website where I am pulling my information from on this site so you can check them out if you have time?

Thanks in advance.
    Replied by Jackie in Dundeeon Monday, August 05 2013, 09:12 AM·Hide·#1
    I have just registered with this site today. I noticed your post about the RMT therapies. I have also been reading about the primitive reflex info and thought my son (aged 12) would benefit. I have really just started my investigations into it but will keep an eye on the replies you receive.
    Good luck.
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