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Kinesthetic Methods

Kinesthetic methods of teaching literacy are usually based on phonics, but build tactile and movement exercises into reading instruction.

The idea of a kinesthetic learning style came into the academic sphere in the mid 1900s, and continues to be explored to the present day. Kinesthetic learners absorb information most easily through "doing" rather than "hearing" or "seeing".Image court of David Castillo Dominici freedigital

Programs that use kinesthetic methods would include:

  • Tracing letters and words in the air or on paper
  • Creating words or lettings out of clay or drawing them in the sand
  • Clapping out syllables
  • Tapping fingers for different sounds
  • Moving around different tiles that represent sounds or words
  • Feeling throat vibrations while saying different sounds
  • Saying a word then feeling an object that represents that word (say cup then pick up a cup)

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