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Articles that discuss what Dyslexia is, including sub-types and specific challenges that may be faced.

Dr. Sally Shaywitz is the Audrey G. Ratner Professor in Learning Development, and Dr. Bennett Shaywitz is the Charles and Helen Schwab Professor in Dyslexia and Learning Development and Chief of Child Neurology at Yale University. Together they head The Yale Center for Dyslexia & Creativity, which studies the correlation between reading and IQ in dyslexic and typical students, shedding new light on what has been termed “the hidden disability.” Dyslexic students are often frustrated or confused as to why certain assignments – reading, for example – take them longer to complete than their peers. “Someone once said to me, ‘I wonder what it feels like when a child first realizes that he or she can’t do what those around him or her are doing.’ And that was really quite devastating,” says Sally Shaywitz. 

Publish Date: 02.Apr.11

Dyslexia (say: dis-lek-see-uh) is a learning problem some kids have. Dyslexia makes it tough to read and spell. The problem is inside the brain, but it doesn't mean the person is dumb. Plenty of smart and talented people struggle with dyslexia. But dyslexia doesn't have to keep a kid down. With some help and a lot of hard work, a kid who has dyslexia can learn to read and spell.

Publish Date: 01.Oct.12
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Think all dyslexics write their letter reversed? Or that they never learn to read, or have less than average intelligence? Wrong. Husband-and-wife-team Bennett and Sally Shaywitz are pediatric neurologists at Yale University who have dedicated their lives to understanding and advancing treatment for dyslexia.

Publish Date: 24.Oct.12

As parents we continually seek ways to help our children succeed in learning and life. One of the best, but least known ways we can support our children is to help them build their foundation for learning through neurodevelopmental movement. In over 20 years the pioneer of neurodevelopmental movement has never seen a child with dyslexia that didn't...

Publish Date: 11.Dec.12

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