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One of the most interesting phenomena of homeschooling a child with dyslexia has been watching his approach to spelling. It is quite a myth that people with dyslexia can
Spelling is a challenge for people with dyslexia. The International Dyslexia Association provides a fact sheet explaining why people with dyslexia have trouble spelling, how to find out the reasons a particular child has this difficulty, and how to help children with dyslexia spell better.
Learning “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic” are critical rites of passage for schoolchildren. People are judged on their spelling, throughout their lives. Yet for one in four children in the English-speaking world, who reach the age of eleven, are unable to spell. The reason for this almost always lies in their natural learning style. There is usually no reason for them not to become good, consistent spellers.
The spelling word lists in this section have been divided into 5 levels, 1 is the easiest 5 the hardest. Choose the level that is right for you. These lists are a resource for practising and applying all the ideas and techniques you’ve learnt from this website. If this is your first time using BeatingDyslexia.com have a look at the spelling help section before you start practicing with these words.
Easyread founder and CEO David Morgan struggled to learn to read as a child, and 30 years later, found himself in reading time battles with his own sons, who had the same problem. “It can become quite traumatic!” says David. Around the same time, he became the acting head of a prison literacy charity in the UK called The Shannon Trust. The Trust links up illiterate prisoners with literate prisoners, who are trained by the trust to mentor their peers in reading.
Publish Date: 20.Sep.12

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