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Helping Children Read with Neurodevelopmental Movement

Published on: 13.Feb.13
As parents we continually seek ways to help our children succeed in learning and life. One of the best, but least known ways we can support our children is to help them build their foundation for learning through neurodevelopmental movement. Neurodevelopmental movements are innate, automatic movements all healthy babies do in womb life and infancy as long as they are unimpeded and not stressed. These movements, called reflexes and rhythmic movements, fuel the tremendous rate of brain growth that occurs in infancy. The stimulation from these infant movements is responsible for maturing and calming the brain and sensory-motor systems so that future learning is accessible, easy, and enjoyable. For many reasons, children in modern society are not receiving their full measure of neurodevelopmental movements in their first year or two of life. When this happens, our children are left with an incomplete foundation for learning. In other words, their brains may lack proper maturity and connectivity for easy learning, even though there is no lack of intelligence.

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