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As a reading teacher, I want parents to make reading part of their children’s lives. It’s cliché, but parents are their children’s first teachers, and need to instil the love and importance of reading. When parents read books, magazines and newspapers, and involve themselves in their children’s reading growth, they’re sending a strong message that reading is fun and valuable.
Everyone is aware that stress is bad for us in lots of ways, but did you know that it can cause your brain to physically shrink?
Publish Date: 20.Jun.12
Believe it or not, fat is probably the most important element of your child’s diet. Let me explain why. First, your neurones are largely made of fat. The long, fast ones are actually wrapped in fat too, to speed the connection. Multiple Sclerosis is an auto-immune attack on the cells providing that covering, known as Schwann Cells, so you can see how essential they are. Indeed 60% of your brain dry weight is fat.
Publish Date: 01.Oct.12
Here are a few simple tips that will guide your child down the path to becoming a confident and happy reader. Keep them short and sweet; never impose any reading exercise for more than 10-15 minutes.
Publish Date: 14.Oct.12
What is the one magic thing that really makes the difference between success and failure for most people?
Publish Date: 29.Oct.12
Is your child unwilling to learn? Are you exhausted with trying to find new and exciting ways to engage them? Here are 5 tips for supporting a reluctant learner...
Publish Date: 06.Dec.12

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