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Students with dyslexia have many challenges that they face every day in the classroom. They have trouble reading, writing, completing math problems, and distinguishing right from left. These are just a few examples of their common struggles. Chances are that they are also visual learners; they learn information by seeing it. There are visual learning strategies that you can use with students affected by dyslexia in order to help them be more successful in the classroom.
When it comes to how students learn most easily, there are three principles that seem to repeatedly surface.
These days, a popular internet past-time is to take an online test in which after asking you a series of seemingly random questions, the computer spits out your “type”. You might be labelled a dreamer rather than a do-er. Or you might be placed into the famous right-brain or left-brain category.
Publish Date: 30.Jul.12
A learning style is not a learning disability. It is simply a difference in the way a person learns information.
Publish Date: 03.Sep.12
As the title suggests, Drs Brock and Fernette Eide's main concern in this book is to examine dyslexic people in terms of what makes them distinctive, capable and unique, as opposed to looking at their limits, deficits and general helplessness. For that reason alone, I feel that there is cause to celebrate this book...
Publish Date: 22.Jan.13

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